Cocoles Night Beach Citron Medium Tote


The History

Squeeze De Citron bags represent the work of talented Mexican artisans. It takes full dedication and cultural talent to create these lifestyle bags. Each custom bag takes an entire week to create, with an additional 3 days dedicated to creating the handles. The bags are made with 100 percent vegan recyclable plastic with added structure making it durable as well as waterproof. The company works on a fair trade basis, giving back 65 percent of the annual cost production.

Our creative director and owner proudly represents her country with these traditional farmer’s market bags which were birthed in the town of Oaxaca, Mexico. The product itself highlights the beauty of the Mexican country, with its design and texture representing the intensive labor of the Mexican artisans.

Product Description:

Made from 100% recyclable plastic, they are hand crafted by Mexican artisans. Extremely durable with a rigid structure, they are water-proof and have long handles for easy use as a shoulder bag or handy-carry. Their unique texture and colors have made them perfect for any lifestyle activity, such as a beach day, boating, swimming, tennis, or golf. They are lightweight and made to last for years.

Care Instructions:

Wipe with a damp cloth and allow to air dry. When used on the beach, rinse bag with a hose and the sand will self-drain through the small fibers of the bag. These artisan bags are flexible, allowing them to be bent and folded without damage. To maintain its shape, store in its original condition. Each bag is handmade and small frays are common.

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