Protect Pendant Coin in Green Enamel


Introducing a limited edition of one of our most-loved coins: The PROTECT JW Original Pendant Coin with Dark Green enamel. A rich, velvety shade of green, this coin is perfect as a statement piece...or to simply add a little color to your stack of pendants.

Keep safe. The snake in this pendant symbolizes wisdom, power and healing. Gardez Bien inscribed over the snake is French for Guard Well. This pendant is a reminder of your own strength and the positive ways you protect yourself and those you love.

Product Bullets:

  • Coin pendant made of sterling silver dipped in 14k gold, measuring 1.2" in diameter.

  • Filled with dark green colored enamel on the front and back of the coin.

  • DOUBLE SIDED: snake and French Gardez Bien (translation Guard Well) on one side, JW logo and PROTECT inscription on the other. Wear either way!

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