California Oversized Cardi

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Our cashmere and cotton silk collections are machine washable at 30°C (except for our cashmere styles featuring foil!). Just turn your garment inside out and choose the most delicate wash and spin cycle. If you want to use a washing bag, you can!

If you prefer to handwash your Brodie cashmere, it’s best to turn your Brodie inside out and immerse it in a solution of warm water and a gentle wool wash. Squeeze the suds gently through the fabric and avoid rubbing or wringing the garment. Handwashing is a must for our foil designs so please be sure to check the care label before washing.

We actually recommend you wash your Brodie fairly regularly, particularly new pieces, as this will keep your Brodie in optimum condition.


It’s important to dry your Brodie as soon as possible to avoid any misshaping. We recommend running your garment through a very light spin cycle before placing it flat on a drying rack to airdry. Don’t be tempted to hang your Brodie cashmere pieces on the line – the weight of the wet cashmere hanging can cause it to become stretched and misshapen.


It’s best to smooth your Brodie back into its original shape after washing and if you wish to iron it, we recommend setting your iron to a low heat.

And there you have it – your three step Brodie care guide. It couldn’t be easier

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