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goverre Adult Sippy Cup

Holds 17oz of your favorite beverage (ours happens to be wine) Durable—thicker(.25") than a typical wine glass Modern design for a chic and discreet glass, shhh don't let them know ;) 


goverre Goverre Cups

Portable, stemless wine glass


Vinoos Real Wine Single Gift Box

"Who does not like wine? How often do you long for that first sip on the couch after a hard day's work? But, unfortunately, you still have to drive home." The Real WINE gum isn't a candy for children, but an "adult luxury happiness”.


Whiskey River Soap Co Astrology Candle

Cleverly named and beautifully scented candles for each astrology sign


Whiskey River Soap Co Candle

Snarky comment candles sure to make you giggle.


CAM Ascending Zodiac Necklace

Ascending zodiac medallion necklace


Mary Frances Sweet Beginning Handbag

The playful shape speaks to the bag's vintage charm. The embellishment of rhinestones and pearls completes the ideal wedding look.


O-Venture Big O Silicone Key Ring

Hands free silicone O-key ring.


Be The Good Game On Pave Tennis

Tennis racquet pave icon necklace


Be The Good Rose All Day Bar Necklace

Perfect simple bar necklace


Be The Good Speak What You Love Pave Lips

Perfect paved lips necklace

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