Stone + Stick

Min: $0 Max: $70

Stone + Stick Golden Disc Triple Wrap

This golden disc triple wrap bracelet is the perfect stand alone bracelet stack. The bracelet consists of 10 mm wood beads adorned with a golden disc focal piece.  


Stone + Stick Hopscotch Triple Wrap Bracelet

Three rows of our Hopscotch pattern make this stand-alone bracelet the perfect addition to your cool, casual style.


Stone + Stick Hopscotch Long Layering Necklace

These one-of-a-kind creations feature a random pattern of wood and brass beads, making each one, AND the way you style them, as unique as you are. Looks great worn long or doubled.


Stone + Stick Essential Stretch Bracelet

Build your arm party around these stretch essentials!


Stone + Stick Golden Row Earrings

Brass and wood beads encircle these lightweight 2 inch dia. hoops