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RS Eyeshop Readers RS4011

Polycarbonate Readers


RS Eyeshop Readers RS1108

Polycarbonate Readers


Fornash Morocco Eyeglass Catcher

Slip your glasses or sunglasses through the bamboo ring of our colorful Long Morocco Necklace & Eyeglass Catcher so you never lose them again! Slip on necklace


Krewe Conti Plume

Named for the vibrant French Quarter street, Conti boasts a metal structure, rounded lenses, and a unique brow bridge that provides a seemingly weightless fit, creating an everyday frame unlike any other.


RS Eyeshop Readers Aspheric RS1151

Aspheric lenses are designed to have a flatter curved surface. When compared to spherical lenses, these lenses are much thinner, lighter and flatter. This makes for more comfortable wear and a more cosmetically pleasing appearance.

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