Min: $0 Max: $400

Gorjana Newport Adjustable Necklace

Polished sphere bead accent on an adjustable necklace


Gorjana Taner Bar Necklace (small)

Plated hammered-bar necklace


LuLu Dk Love Letter

"L" -You are balanced, kind and intellectual.  "A" - You are confident, adventurous and determined. "E" - You are charming, imaginative and intellectual.  "M" - You are self-confident, courageous and intuitive.


Christina Greene Elizabeth Necklace

Chain necklace with small circular stones


Gorjana Palisades Adjustable Necklace

Delicate charmed stone necklace


Fairchild Baldwin Anthracite Bella Black Collar

Beautiful statement necklace made up of over 800 beads.